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Slots are probably one of the most played games in the world. Slots are enjoyed by people of all races as well as ages and nationalities. This arrangement also benefits casino owners who offer free slots. Casinos that provide free slots can benefit from many advantages.

First, free casino slot machines are a typical reason slot players flock to their favorite casinos. This is a way to help slot machine owners earn more. When slot players visit an online casino that has free slots, they make a second deposit which is quite often equal to the deposit they made in the first. Since slot machines provide greater jackpots, they are more popular than other machines. Thus, the casino gets more money from the second deposit.

Second, the free casino slots are very easy to use and fun. They don’t have to be concerned about fighting lines or standing in long queues. The game they love to play at the casino is also completely free, which means that they do not need to travel further to play their favorite game. In fact, they do not even have to leave the hotel they are staying at as all they need to do is sit at their computer and play.

Online slot ezeewallet casinos machines are a popular choice for tourists. Tourists who come to casinos in other parts of the world are increasingly bringing laptops when they go to casinos that are located in the real world. Laptops are used to play online casino games. Playing online casino games does not hinder the player’s job. Online slot players do not be aware that they are playing.

Online slots are fourthly popular due to their diverse selection of options. Slot machines online offer various bonuses, so people can pick the one that best suits their requirements. Online slots offer a range of spins, and players can choose the one that is most suitable for them. This allows them to increase their chances of winning.

Online slots offer attractive prizes. Slot machines offer a variety of prizes, but the jackpot prize is the most sought-after. The jackpot prize can’t be won with a limited time at land-based casinos. Online slots have a maximum winning limit, which means that players can win bigger prizes.

Sixthly, online casinos allow people to play free casino games with real money. There are a variety of promotions available on various websites that allow players to play with real money. Free spins are offered on some websites, whereas others offer bonuses to players who play for free. It all depends on the website, and players can choose which one they prefer. You can also try slot machine games by downloading free slot machines.

In the end, online slots provide a fantastic option for people who want to have some entertainment without having to visit any casinos in the form of land. They only need to have an internet connection to play. Online casinos do not require huge investments.

When playing slots machine games it is crucial to be aware of how to beat the reels. The reels are made up of four bars that are parallel. If the bars are struck in a straight line, one player gets a single point. Double points are awarded to those who hit the reels in straight lines that end in an X. However when the outcome of the spin is unimportant (the outcome of the spin does not have anything to do with the game) then there will be no points accumulated.

Many casinos offer free games to attract new customers. However, these free games don’t last for long, and players must cash out before the validity of the bonus ends. Before signing up to any online casino, it is crucial to review the terms and conditions. Some casinos offer welcome bonuses but they are only valid for a limited duration and players have to cash out before the validity of the bonus ends.

In a way, the free slot machines at casinos provide the chance for gamblers to enjoy themselves for all the time they like. As a player plays more and more, they can win massive jackpots. A recent study has revealed that slot machine games when played with the help of a slot guide, can result in a significant increase in the amount of money that a player earns. Experts 20bet brasil believe that people who play slot machine games on a regular basis earn more than those who do not play these games. So, free slot machine games could prove to be real money makers for those who are able to play them and land on the winning lines.

New Step by Step Roadmap for Marijuana News

New Step by Step Roadmap for Marijuana News

marijuana news

The Meaning of Marijuana News

If you’re against using Cannabis as you do not need to smoke you’re misinformed. As there is barely any cannabis left in a roach, some people today argue that the song is all about running out of cannabis and not having the ability to acquire high, exactly like the roach isn’t able to walk because it’s missing a leg. If you’re thinking about consuming cannabis please consult your health care provider first. Before visiting the list, it’s important to be aware of the scientific reason cannabis works as a medication generally, and more specifically, the scientific reason it can send cancer into remission. At the moment, Medical Cannabis was still being used to take care of several health-related problems. In modern society, it is just starting to receive the recognition it deserves when it comes to treating diseases such as Epilepsy.

In nearly all the nation, at the present time, marijuana is illegal. To comprehend what marijuana does to the brain first you’ve got to know the key chemicals in marijuana and the various strains. If you are a person who uses marijuana socially at the occasional party, then you likely do not have that much to be concerned about. If you’re a user of medicinal marijuana, your smartphone is possibly the very first place you start looking for your community dispensary or a health care provider. As an issue of fact, there are just a few types of marijuana that are psychoactive. Medical marijuana has entered the fast-lane and now in case you reside in Arizona you can purchase your weed without leaving your vehicle. Medical marijuana has numerous therapeutic effects which will need to be dealt with and not only the so-called addictive qualities.

If you’re using marijuana for recreational purposes begin with a strain with a minimal dose of THC and see the way your body reacts. Marijuana is simpler to understand because it is both criminalized and decriminalized, based on the place you go in the nation. If a person is afflicted by chronic depression marijuana can directly affect the Amygdala that is accountable for your emotions.

The War Against Marijuana News

Much enjoy the wine industry was just two or three decades past, the cannabis business has an image problem that’s keeping people away. In the event you want to learn where you are able to find marijuana wholesale companies near you, the very best place to seek out such companies is our site, Weed Finder. With the cannabis industry growing exponentially, and as more states start to legalize, individuals are beginning to learn that there is far more to cannabis than simply a plant that you smoke. In different states, the work of legal marijuana has produced a patchwork of banking and tax practices. Then the marijuana sector is ideal for you.

How to Choose Marijuana News

Know what medical cannabis options can be found in your state and the way they respond to your qualifying medical condition. They can provide medicinal benefits, psychotropic benefits, and any combination of both, and being able to articulate what your daily responsibilities are may help you and your physician make informed, responsible decisions regarding the options that are appropriate for you, thus protecting your employment, your family and yourself from untoward events. In the modern society, using drugs has become so prevalent it has come to be a component of normal life, irrespective of age or gender. Using marijuana in the USA is growing at a quick rate.

5 Infamous Lottery Scams and Scandals

They go to great lengths to make sure that their lotteries aren’t rigged.

However, no matter how much you prepare for something, there will be an unpredictable variable that could cause things to go awry.

As a child living in Massachusetts, the lottery used to be played by drawing three sets of 3 random number combinations from a specially marked set of tickets. Each combination has 3 boxes, one for each color (white, blue, and yellow). The winning combination would be the one where all three boxes contained the same number.

If you matched all three sets of numbers to what had been randomly selected, you would win $50,000 (in today’s dollars, that would be about $310,000)

However, that was not all. If you matched one of the boxes containing a number between 1 and 9, you would be entered into a drawing where you had a 50% shot at winning $50,000 on a lottery game show called Big Money.

The game and show continued to be popular throughout the early 1980s until the Massachusetts Lottery switched from printed ticket sales to computerized ticket sales.

Instead of a weekly lottery, we now have three bi-weekly lotterries in most states. Occasionally, there may be two bi-weekly lotterys on the same date in the same state.

With so many gaming titles to keep track of and so much money at stake, you can understand why it would be an attractive target for fraudsters.

1 – Jerry and Marge Selbee

Some scams aren’t necessarily illegal or immoral. For instance, take the cases of Jerry and Marge Selebe.

As a retired couple who was featured on an episode of 60 Minutes in early 2019 has become the talk of the lottery industry after beating two lotteries.

The octogenarian couple who owned a local convenience store in Evansville, Indiana for 15 years decided to sell their business and retire.

One day in 2003, Jerry went to his old store and found that a new lottery ticket had come out for Michigan. It was named WinFall.

Jerry was not just the retired owner of a small town gas station. He had a degree from a prestigious university in math.

Jerry quickly realized that the new game was flawed and favored the player who could figure out the best strategy.

With WinFall, when the jackpot reaches $5 million without any winners, players who matched at least five out of six numbers could claim their share of the prize.

While most people wouldn’t immediately notice it, Jerry saw through it and realized that it was actually pretty simple math. He thought that everyone else would realize it too, but he turned out to be wrong.

As soon as Jerry saw the first roll-up for the jackpot, he bought $3,600 worth of lottery ticket. He ended up winning $6,300.

Next time, Jerry bought $8,000 worth of tickets and won nearly $17,000.

Jerry didn’t tell his wife at first but eventually told her the truth.

Soon Jerry and Midge were gambling with their entire life savings and winning big prizes.

The two were so successful that they decided to form their own investment firm called GS Investment Strategies. They invited their families and friends to invest in the new venture.

Michigan discontinued WinFall because sales were low.

They were able to get their hands on some free legal advice from a friend who lived in Massachusetts.

He called his friend Jerry and explained to him about a new lottery game called Cash WinFall.

Jerry visited the Massachusetts Lottery website to learn about the rules and how the lottery works and within ten minutes he realized that it was basically the same thing.

Since 2005, Jerry and Marge have been monitoring the lottery jackpots in Michigan. When the jackpot rolls down, they make the 14 hour drive from their house to Massachusetts to purchase their ticket.

They bought two convenience stores and rented a room at a Red Rooster Inn to sort through the insane amounts of tickets they’d buy.

A journalist from the Boston Globe did a story on the lottery, and found out that some stores were selling an enormous amount of Cash WinFall tickets for sale.

After investigating, the report found that two groups, a group of MIT graduate student card counters and a group called the Selbee.

The state lottery commission has decided to launch an investigation into the allegations made by the attorney general. After all, this is usually something you’d expect to see from an organized criminal syndicate.

It was found after an exhaustive investigation that there was no illegal action.

Unlike Michigan, Massachusetts actually saw some profit from the game, but due to a glitch in the game, they ended the game early.

During the years from 2003 to 2011, the company earned almost $26 million and had an 1$ deposit casino annual pre-tax profit of nearly $8 million.

Asked what he did with the thousands of losing lottery ticket stubs he had collected, Jerry said he kept them because he was afraid they might be used by tax auditors if he were ever audited. He said he stored them in barrels under his house in case any government officials came looking for them.

He spent the money wisely. After renovating his home, he established college accounts for his six children, fourteen grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.

More money cryptocurrency will be coming into Jerry and Marge’s pockets soon as they’ve sold the rights for a book and a movie will be produced about their adventures.

2 – Dan Tim Poulin

A woman from Illinois contacted the Maine lottery after receiving a Facebook notification stating that she’d won $40,000.

She was told that she could claim the reward by paying a processing charge for an immediate wire deposit of $40,000 into her bank account.

The email was sent by Dan Tim Poulain.

It’s easy to tell that this was a scam in 2019 because most of us would never fall for something so simple. But back then, social media was relatively new and we didn’t know any better.

At the time, the fake news story originated from an old internet hoax called “The Great Pumpkin Scandal,” which dates back to 1920. However, it wasn’t a common occurrence on social media platforms until recently.

It led to the woman who called the Maine Lottery

She explained the email and let them know that the link in the email takes them to a very realistic looking lottery site that includes the real logos and has a complete listing of past lottery wins on it.

The kicker was the name. Dan Tim Poullin.

At the head of the state lottery when he took office was Tim Poulin, his predecessor had died eight months earlier.

After consulting with some lottery officials, the woman was told that it was indeed a scam

At the point when Poulin expressed his astonishment, he was flabbergasted by the fact that somebody had gone through so much effort to use his name, together with that of our previous executive, Dan Gwadowsky, for their own benefit.

He further went on talking about the action of the Maine Lottery regarding winners and cash: “We will never require any kind of payment. We will never request any personal information in our initial contact with you. Should you receive an email from somebody claiming to be from the Maine Lottery, your best bet would be to call the lottery office where the person claims to work.”

3 – The Store Clerk

At roughly the same point when the Dan Tim Poullin happened, the Maine Lotteries found out there was another scam going on.

Lottery commissions have warned people against buying tickets for the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots since 2012.

A common type of fraud involves employees who steal from stores by stealing cash from their registers. Usually, these thefts occur when there aren’t any other people around to notice them.

A user brings in an issue and asks the support team to look into it. The support team looks into the issue and finds out that the issue has already been fixed. They tell the user that the issue has already be resolved and hold onto the issue for future reference. In reality, the issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

To help prevent this from happening again, the Maine lottery offers some helpful tips for players.


  • Signing the tickets makes them tamper proof. If a winner signs their name on a winning lottery number, they cannot change their mind later and claim the prize.
  • Most vending machine doors are locked until they detect a coin inserted into them. If you insert a coin and then press the button, you win! Don’t let anyone else take your prize away from you.
  • Ask for an electronic copy of your winnings. Lottery wins can be claimed electronically. You may receive a paper copy if you request one, however. Some games require you to provide proof of purchase before claiming your prize.
  • If you’re going to use an ATM, make sure you know where there are working security camera systems. Most ATMs these days have them, but some mom and pops in rural areas and some old buildings don’t have them. Having the transaction on tape can help the lottery commission and the store owner root out any shenanigans.
  • You can use a self-check scanner. Most states have these types of scanners.
  • If you notice anything suspicious, report it to the lottery commission. They want to keep things fair so they can maximize their profits. So if something seems off, let them know.


4 -The hot lotto fraud case

Eddie Tipton worked at the Multi-State Lotteries Association (MUSL), where he was responsible for creating RNGs used by lotteries throughout the Midwest.

Eddie knew the ins-and-outs of the random number generators (RNGs) and could pretty accurately guess the winners of lotteries.

As an employee of Musl, Eddie was prohibited by both federal and state laws and by his contract with Musl from participating in any lotteries that Musl worked with.

But he had an Idea. He KNew he was Banned from Lottery, but Friends and Famil were not.

In 2005, Tippet enlisted his brother Tomy, a Texas justice of the peace, to see if they can get away with wining a priz. Eddie had constructed the RNG for the colorado lotterie and Eddie giv Tomy the wining numbers before they were drawed. Tomy wined and enlist a frend to claim the ticket in his name to aviod implicate Eddie. Tomy offer the frend 10% of the winings. The prize total was 568,990.

Seeing how successful he had been in Colorado, Eddie struck once again in 2007. This second attempt proved much more lucrative than the first. In fact, Eddie managed to acquire a total of $1,000,000 worth of tickets. He then sold these tickets to an anonymous buyer for $100,000 each. The buyer used the cash to establish a new LLC called “The Lucky One” and deposited the remainder into one of Eddie’s personal bank accounts. When investigators looked into the finances of the company, they discovered that the company had transferred the entire amount back to Eddie.

On December 30th, 2010, a Canadian man won a lottery jackpot worth $16.5 million dollars. He claimed that he wasn’t able to come to Iowa to collect his winnings because he was so sick. So instead, he asked for an alternative method of payment.

After the lottery officials questioned him on the validity of the ticket, he could not prove that he owned the winning ticket.

On December 6th, Johnson called again saying that he wasn’t actually the winner, but he was representing someone else who wanted to keep his identity secret. The anonymous man was represented by a trust from Belize named Hexham Investments. They were denied entry into Iowa because they didn’t want to reveal their name.

With just hours left until the deadline for submitting tickets, attorneys representing Hexham and a lawyer from NYC submitted the winning lottery number. However, the numbers were rejected because the word “Hexam” was spelled incorrectly.

Two weeks later, Shaw tried to claim the $1 million lottery jackpot but was rejected because he wouldn’t tell where he got the ticket from. After two weeks, Shaw gave up his claim to the winnings and they were sent back into the state lotto pool.

In 2011, Eddie decided to take his chances again. He knew that if he won the lottery, he would be able to pay off his debts and start a new life. So he called his friend Kyle Conn who had just moved to Oklahoma. “I’ve got good news and bad news,” said Eddie. “The good news is I won the lottery. And the bad news is I can only give you half my winnings because I promised my wife I wouldn’t spend any money until we

When Johnson was interviewed by Iowa state officials, he admitted that Robert Rhodes and Robert Sonefield from Sugar Land, Texas had approached him to claim the $1 million prize for them. He claimed that they were not his real name but rather an alias used to avoid detection.

As the investigation continued, investigators found evidence that indicated that the suspect purchased the ticket. It was Eddie Tipton who bought the ticket.

After being accused of using illegal methods to win the Iowa State Lottery jackpot, both men were tried separately. They were convicted and sentenced to prison terms.

On July 15, 2015, Tipton pleaded guilty to two charges of fraud. He was later given a sentence of 10 years in prison.

They found out that he had been doing similar things before.

Eddie confessed to rigging the RGN in 2005/2006. He claimed he used software to rig the game. He told authorities he made predictions for people in Colorado, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Kansas as well as Iowa. He received another 25 year sentence for doing so and has been ordered to pay $3 million in restitution to the state of Iowa.

A Beginner’s Guide to Football Betting

People who tend to like to loyalty card gamble using slots and online casino sites also tend to like to gamble with other aspects of life. Some people will play bingo, but the majority turn to sports betting, and football betting in particular.

Many of the best online casinos now have sports sections, and nearly all online sports betting sites have online pokies and casinos. There is a difference between sports betting and wagering at online casinos, though. When you play at an online casino, your chances of winning are all down to luck, nothing more. If you use a sports betting site, then if you bet on markets upon which you are familiar with you stand a greater chance of emerging on top!

While football may be considered the beautiful game, betting on the sport tends to get really ugly really fast if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve seen countless people lose thousands of dollars when learning the ropes of football betting, which puts them off from the sport altogether.

To help them out, we’ve compiled a concise football betting guide that will help you understand the basics of betting on football (soccer). So, if you can’t tell your Asian and European handicaps apart, this guide is bound to help you out!

The Two Handicaps

To win big when betting on football matches, you need to be able to tell your handicaps apart. Here’s all you need to know about these two essential terms,

1. European Handicap

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how European handicaps work. When you break it down, this handicap operates the same way as a 3-way bet. This handicap becomes active when there’s a significant difference in class and quality between two teams.

To understand this better, let’s say the Brazilian National Football team is about to entertain San Marino at Estádio do Maracanã. Given how highly rated the Brazilians are, it would make no sense for the bookies to offer you simple, straightforward odds.

In such scenarios, bookies tend to offer a European handicap. For example, your local bookie may offer you a handicap of -2 goals.

That means, even if you bet on Brazil and they win by a one-goal margin (1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc.), you lose money. This particular handicap makes it so that Brazil have to win by at least 2 goals for you to win!

2. Asian Handicap

Unlike its European counterpart, an Asian handicap is a little tricky.

For example, Manchester United are about to play Yeovil Town at Old Trafford. Every sensible betting person will tell you that betting on United is the safest bet you’ll ever make. So, to make things more interesting, a bookie will introduce an Asian handicap.

Let’s say that the handicap is 2.5 goals in favour of Yeovil Town. This means that even though the game starts at 0-0, Yeovil Town has an advantage of 2.5 goals on the betting books. In other words, you can only win if Manchester United were to win by 3 goals (3-0, 4-1, 5-2, etc.)

Types of Football Bets

Football is by far and away from the most popular market at all online sports betting sites, which is quite understandable as football is the most popular sport in every country in the world, except the United States where they can’t even call it by its proper name. At the US, football is known as Soccer.

If you know your football, then you could start making a little bit of cash by putting that knowledge to use at a leading online sports betting site. Here are a few types of football bet that you might like to consider.


The most common type of football bet is a simple forecast. There are only three possible outcomes (mostly) to a football match – home win, away win or draw (unless the game is played on a neutral venue). You bet on what you think the outcome of the match is likely to be.

Draw No Bet

This is a bet that takes away the possibility of the draw as you wager upon whoever you think is going to win the game. If the game does actually end in a draw, then you get your stake returned.


This is another bet that has become very popular in recent years. With this bet, you are betting whether there will be over or under a specific number of goals scored. Usually, that number is 2.5, but you can bet on 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 and so on.

You may find it confusing that the number is 2.5, as to how can you score half a goal? In truth, it’s just a simpler way of saying ‘two goals or less’. If you bet on there being under 2.5 goals, then if the game contains 0, 1 or 2 goals, you win, but if it contains 3 or more goals, then you lose.

You may see offers such as ‘Under 2.25 Goals’ which might confuse you even more. You can’t score half a goal, so how can you score a quarter of a goal? A bet such as ‘Under 2.25’ goals is just two bets in one. Half your stake goes on ‘Under 2 Goals’ (i.e. 0 or 1 goal), and half your stake goes on ‘Under 2.5 Goals’ (i.e. 0, 1 or 2 goals). If 0 or 1 goal is scored then both ‘half bets’ win and if 0, 1 or 2 goals are scored then just one bet wins. If more than 2 goals are scored, then both bets lose.


Another increasingly popular bet in recent years has been BTTS, or ‘Both Teams To Score’. With this bet, you can bet that both teams will score, or that both teams won’t score.

This is a brilliant bet for any game where both teams tend to score plenty of goals, but both teams also conceded quite a few too. If you bet on both teams to score then unless one of the sides keeps a clean sheet, then you are a winner.

Similarly, if two goal-shy teams meet who also have tight defences, then you can bet on ‘BTTS No’. That means if at least one side keeps a clean sheet, then your bet is a winning one.

Double Chance

A double chance bet is one where two ‘1X2’ bets are combined. Your three options are the home team and draw, away team and draw, and home team and away team. Obviously, the final bet is only a winner if the game does not end in a draw.

Half Time/Full Time

This bet split the game into two separate matches, as it were. You bet on the ‘result’ at half-time, and then the proper result at full time. As there are three possible outcomes to each ‘bet’, there are nine possible outcomes in total:


  • Home-Home
  • Home-Draw
  • Home-Away
  • Draw-Home
  • Draw-Draw
  • Draw-Away
  • Away-Home
  • Away-Draw
  • Away-Away


This is good when a team play who generally play better in the second half. This makes outcomes such as draw-home (or draw-away) or away-draw (or home-draw) very attractive.


You can bet on individual players to score during the game. You can bet on them scoring the first goal of the game, the last goal of the game, or at any time during the game.

You might think this is a bit of a lucky bet, but it can be useful if a player who scores a lot of headed goals comes up against a side that concedes a lot of headed goals, for example.


You can, of course, combine your bets in the hope that you win more money should you be correct. The spin samurai no deposit bonus codes 2022 benefit of combining bets is that if all your bets come off, then you win more money. The downside is that if one of your bets fails, then you win nothing,

If you combine a bet, then your winnings from your first bet act as the stake of your second, and so on. It doesn’t matter what order your bets are ‘chained’ as the odds will always be the same.

Combining two bets is called a double, and combining three bets is called a treble. Anything with four or more single bets is called an accumulator, or ‘Acca’ for short. Remember, the more bets you combine, the more chance your bet will fail.

Simple Football Betting Terms

Now that you know your handicaps and types of football bets let’s quickly go through some common betting terms that will help you get started.

1. Stake

This is pretty self-explanatory. The stake is defined as the money you’re willing to bet on the match.

2. Accumulator

Accumulators can be incredibly fun or incredibly frustrating. Basically, a football accumulator is a series of bets you place on a matchday, that offers you exponential profits should you win.

For example, you bet that Juventus will beat Atlanta B.C., AC Milan will overcome Napoli at the San Siro, Torino will defeat Inter. Roma will beat Fiorentina in a particular match day, then the odds of each outcome will multiply.

In other words, if you bet $5 on an accumulator, you can (based on the likelihood of each outcome) stand to win thousands of dollars! That being said, you will only receive your winnings if every single one of your predictions come true. In our current example, let’s say Juve, Milan, and Torino win their games while Roma is held to a draw at Fiorentina, you will lose your stake!

So, when it comes to betting with accumulators, it pays to know when to get out and when to continue betting.

3. Half Time/Full Time

This is a two-way bet. For you to collect your winnings, you must be able to predict the correct half time and the correct full-time score. For example, for the Lyon vs PSG match, you bet that the game will be level at half time and PSG will win at the final whistle.

However, if PSG scores in the first ten minutes of play, you will lose your money even though you predicted the correct final score!

And there you have it; a beginner’s football betting guide! We believe that if you thoroughly study this before the next matchday, you can earn a lot of money while watching the beautiful game!

However, if you find your football knowledge to be lacking and want to learn more, we highly recommend reading our gambling dictionary, which will help you learn the gambling terms which are most commonly used. Never leave your winnings up to chance and always bet smart by reading our gambling dictionary!

We hope that this football betting guide has served you with all the knowledge you need to get started. Remember, as always, bet responsibly.

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